Our Mission

We will grow our core businesses to their full potential as well as develop new opportunities by leveraging our expertise and resources in a way that best serves our stakeholders and the wider communities in which we operate

Our Vision

To be and be recognized as the best Cooling pads In Egypt and all World.

About Tabreed

Tabreed was founded in 2006 as the first cooling pad manufacturing facility in Egypt and the Arab world. Tabreed supplies competitive prices and high-quality evaporative cooling pads to the Egyptian market and other markets within the MENA region.

Tabreed cell pads have shown superior capabilities in withstanding even the most difficult climate conditions, while reducing the internal temperatures by up to 20 degrees in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner. This has paved the way for Tabreed to further expand aggressively not just in the different export markets, but also to a wider variety of applications, such as green houses, cooling towers and even factories. Throughout all these applications, Tabreed cell pads have become acknowledged for high absorbance competencies, mechanical resistance and ultimate durability.